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January 27th, 2008

11:19 pm - Heniz being a baby
So what if Big Ben wants a tall receiver. It's not like he doesn't LIKE Heinzey. Geeezus fucking donky balls! Maybe ben and him have some fight that i don't know about but it sounds like ward needs to go home and bite his pillow. I mean not like i dont like him or some shit, i just think he's being a little bit o a bitch about all this. check it: tall receivers catch a lot of balls and get touchdowns. Ben is thinking of the team.

oh and i almost forgot...

FUCK YOU Patriots.
FUCK YOU Giants.
Nobody fucking cares.

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November 29th, 2007

12:47 pm - Been a while
whats up with yins? i dont got shit to say but it has been a long time since i wrote in this shit. my landlord died a few months ago so I kinda feel shitty about calling him a douche and all but you know what he WAS a fuckin douche. whatever. i moved out. living in a totally sweet house that my aunts friend owns. i rent for fuckin CHEAP. if I was single this would be a fuckin chick lair!!

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August 20th, 2006

02:26 pm - Apartment Update
my landlord is a fag. I told him to fix the light outside of my apartment. I know your like 'you cant change a lightbulb yourself?'. UM, NOT WHEN IT'S GOT LIKE A JILLION VOLTS GOING THROUGH IT. fuckin thing broke off and now there's just a bulb hanging there with the metal shit jammed in the socket and since it's an apartmetn I don't konw where to shut off the power. that's what i should do just blow a bunch of fuckin breakers and be like "sorry dude had to fix it sometime." ass pony tried to charge me for all this shit in my storage space that I FUCKING TOLD HIM TO CLEAN OUT BEFOER I MOVED IN. IT'S NOT MY SHIT jacksauce.

my landlord is a douche but it's cool I think he does crack because his teeth and his wife's are all fucked up and black! so anway, the'll get what's coming to them.

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August 10th, 2006

11:09 pm - Fantasy Team
oh my god I hate those camel-eater terrorists. So now we can't even take a BOTTLE OF WATER on the plane thanks to the Sand People. Go back to trading droids or whatever.

for everyone who has asked, "Bill have you been passed out drunk since the super rbowl?"


preseason is back and i'm ready as a brain damaged quarterback to get back on the football motorcycle. THAT IS CALLED A METAPHOR dipshit.

here's my fantasy fantasy team. (Since i cant REALLY draft all these guys).

QB - Ben Rothlisberger - PIT
RB - Larry Johnson - KC (Not a steeler but you can't deny it)
RB - Willie Parker - PIT (LOOK OUT!)
WR - Hines Ward - PIT
WR - Steve Smith - CAR
WR - LINN SWAN - PIT (I know he is a REPORTER but he should still net some sweet fantasy points)
K - Phil Dawson - CLE (the Cleveland Steamers SUCK and will kick field goals all year!)

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February 5th, 2006

11:52 pm - did you hear?
I just heard this in the news... there was also SEAHAWKS fans at the Super Bowl TOO!

The Pittsburgh paper said after the interception, "It fell so quiet in Ford Field you could hear the Seahawks fans."

know what the motherfucking seattle newspaper said? "the better team didn't win Super Bowl XL. " um, fucking teabag in the face anyone? anyone?

the los angeles paper said "With 100 spinning gold "Terrible Towels" for every green Seahawk knockoff, Ford Field could have been mistaken for Heinz Field with a roof." the Seattle qb said it was like an away game but the Seahawks were really loud anyway. wahtever though.

anyway, the SEAHAWKS are pretty good. they'll get to win one. JUST NOT TODAY!

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How the fuck do i put a picture on here??????????????


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February 2nd, 2006

12:10 am
I've had QUITE A FEW e-mails this week that are all "Bill, why haven't you made a post this week."

Well, because all I can think about is the STEELERS in the SUPER BOWL. Since it's all I'm thinking about, it's all I will post about and I'm not saying SHIT about the game until it is OVER.

remember earlier, when I said the STEELERS would kick the shit out of the Jacksonville Jaguars? oops Instead, the Jaguars put on theyre shit-kickers. OK they only beat us by six, but losing still sucks. Fuckin' Jag-Fags. So anway, THAT is why I'm not saying shit until AFTER the game. I'm going to Gary's Super Bowl party. He's got SIX TVs. Four of them suck but still, we're watchin the shit outta the game.

Heres a fucked up thing. You are not allowed to say "SUPER BOWL " like on TV or the radio or anything because some fucker has a copyright. so that way you don't get Big Bob's Used Mattresses holding a "super bowl" sale (and big Bobs is right by that sleasy rooms by the hour motel with all the hookers. fucken nasty!). it's basically to keep big bags of douche from tacking their crappy product on the super bowl. you have to say some other shit like "BIG GAME" or something. I asked Gary if he should change his evite to say "big game party" instead of "superbowl" haha

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January 22nd, 2006

09:19 pm - kicK ASS!
goddamm, we got fucking FUCKED UP after that game. shit!

i wonder what kcik is the hardest ass kickiing ever??? OH MY GARSH! we fucking kicked the shit outta the broncos today.

here is a slist:

- golf war (FIRST ONE, not this stupid one weare haveing now)
- fuckin time when mr. meyagey kickked th shit outta thsoe guys when they attacked danny larusso after the dance.
- regan beats dukakis or mondale or whateves.
- shit, i cna't remember even.

- steelers go to the super bowl.

holyfucking HOURSE shit! Seriousley! FUCK! super motherfucking bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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January 17th, 2006

11:01 am
ESPN RADIO reports that Troy Polamalu totally intercepted that fucking pass and the refs tried to give the Colts a gift. Well, the best team still won, so suck walrus titty!

So if you don't know, those fuckface refs on Sunday took Polamalu's interception away that would have sealed the game before the fumble and missed field goal.

This is why I'm writing today though. For all you ass ponies who stayed in the closet before Sunday's game and put on your black and gold Steelers shit the day AFTER they win, you can suck Julius Caesar's decayed dusty dongaroo. Just sayin.

Shit, the bakery had those sweet-ass peanut butter rolls I like today.

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January 16th, 2006

11:46 am

Wow. Are we that good or do the Colts just slurp testicle? Who the fuck knows or cares, right? On to Denver. Tough as hell, and with REAL fans who know to SHUT THE FUCK UP when your team has the ball and don't play in some pussy-ass playpen (that means DOME if you'r page isn't on the same one as me).

Also, the air is really thin. Shit, once we drove up the Eisenhower pass...which is past Denver on 1-70 and like 8,000 feet higher. Anyway, I ran like 50 yards and SHIT, it was like I was smoking again! That thin air shit really fucks with your breathing. Denver isn't nearly that high, but still high.

Anyway, the Steelers should get their asses out to Denver and breathe that shit for a while and get used to it. It's gonna be tougher playing in a REAL stadium with REAL fans. Fuckin' Shanahan is a cold-blooded killer. As long as Cowher doesn't puss out I think they can actually win!

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