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None of Your Damn Business

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April 4th, 2011

12:03 am - No Football League (NFL)
Sup dicksmacks. Footballs gonna lock out, our baseball team still sucks. I 'mgoing to have to watch SOCCER or something.

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September 5th, 2010

08:28 pm - Same old shit!
MAn, more things change the more they stay the same. so i sign on here and I'm thinking what the fuck do I type about and I see my LAST thing was all bout how Ben is a dipshit and here we are, two damn years later and Im like "yup same old shit from ben!" Geezus H.

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March 10th, 2010

11:32 am - Big Ben = dipshit
I got nothing else to say.

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June 30th, 2008

03:16 pm - Meth Bitch
Whut up bitch-naggitys. it's been a while, here's why.

I just broke up with my lady of the last few months. turns out shes a total bitchwhore so it dont hurt so bad. were on a plane to fuckin Florida last week to visit my parents and we're looking out the window and shes DROOLING on my lege, straight up DROOLING on it so I say "hey, close your mouth your drooling" and she looks at me...like looks THROUGH me with her face RED as hell and shit, like shes the fukin DEVIL and as soon as we get off the plane its all this "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE YOU RAPED ME, I'M GOING TO SUE YOUR ASS AND TELL EVERYONE YOU ABSUED ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT."

OK, just a note on how the Billster ROLLS, I get busy plenty and I don't need to take it from a lady who doesnt want to give it up. Get it? So i ditch her ass in Florida. I get in the rental car, visit my parents. God knows what kind of fucked up drug binge bullshit shes getting into, who knows that the fuck is happening to my apartment back home, honestly I don't care.

TWO DAYS later I get a call from her like NOTHING IS WRONg, "hey sweetie, when you coming home?"

what the FUCK!? are you goddammed serious? I don't know HOW she got back to PA from Florida, I don't know who she blew or gave crack to or how she got back and honsestly I'm scared as FUCK to retrun home . lesson: don't run away from your problems OR ditch them at he airport. All I konw is this bitch is into some FUCKED UP business.

needless to say, I'm still in Florida right now. I got some shit to sort out. My neighbors tell me nothing weird has happened yet but I'm calling the cops to take care of this shit. bitch needs help. Not sure what she got into. I should have known from the start, when she wanted to move in after like 3 months and had some weird issue with an exhusband or whatever. where there's smoke there's fire people. anyway, seemed like fun at the time AND WAS, let me tell you. Oh man you should all be with a crazy chick at least once. but listen, that chick whos aall fun and shit and like crazy good times, sure shes fun from far away but when you have that crap in your life every goddammed day, OH MAN! Look out. don't take the animals home from the zoo! know what im' sayin?

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June 25th, 2008

01:46 am - Writer's Block: Choose a Power
If you could have the power to fly, be invisible, or teleport anywhere, which would you choose?
I would have the power to bang a million chicks, which i guess means i would teleport anywhere becuse chicks LOVE to travel. You get what i am sayin?

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May 23rd, 2008

01:58 am - Writer's Block: Bit of the Ol' Buyer's Remorse
What product have you felt guiltiest, or silliest, for buying?
I bought this stupid inflatable "Bratz" couch for my girlfriends kid and she popped the fuckin thing like 10 minutes after we got it. i don't know how she popped it since me and the lady tried it out ourselves the night before WE HOSED IT DOWN AFTERWARD DOnT WORRY. Im not a fuckin catch a predator.

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May 22nd, 2008

01:08 am - whats more important?
I was deciding today what is more important football or beer. i was going to add chicks into the mix but that is stupid and not even a contest. i would rather bang an UGLY chick than drink a beer even though i would rather watch some STILLERS then bang an ugly chick because she is still ugly. SHIT

ok so some proes and cons. I was thinking that beer is good because it makes all kinds of shit more fun like if you go to a baseball game (even tho is pretty gay it can be cool too) so like when your at a fucken ball game and you get all lit up on 9 dollar beers or whatever the game is fun as shit!!!! even if they lose but i don't give a shit about baseball like I said already, you know?

FOOTBALL though is bad ass and always fuckin AWESOME except when you lose then its goddamn depressing. but you know its like when you like some chick and it's a great feeling and then if it doesnt work out your all bummed and shit and thene you DRINK some fuckin beer.

i guess I'm saying FOOTBALL is better than beer. probably because it's more real or like life or some shit.

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February 9th, 2008

12:11 am - candy andshit
hey im fuckin drunkk and wathcing this shit about how they make m&ms and hershey bars and shit (which they make like right dow n the highway from here!!). its crackingm y shit up because im fuckinG EATING M&Ms while i watch it.

i ust thought taht was pretty fucking funny.

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February 7th, 2008

12:21 am - Writer's Block: Cooking Lessons
Who taught you how to cook?

So now there's this fuckin thing on here that asks you a question and then you answer it

WHO taught me how to cook? I taught myself how to fucking cook thats who the fuck taught me

i read the back of the fuckin hot pockets box and hit some buttons on the microwave. other shit i eat is cold anyway. i used to fuckin hate vegetables but i eat a ton of em. i eat so much fuckin green shit that i don't even get the farts from it like i used to. So dont give me a buncha shit about eating hot pockets all the time, like becky used to. geeez-us fuckin a.

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February 6th, 2008

04:43 pm - 19 and NO
this guy John lives in my building, he moved here from rhode island to work on railroad shit or something. He ALREADY GOT A FUCKIN "19-0" shirt before the Giants beat his team on sunday.


fucken patriots.

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